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2019 New Year Holiday Notice
Dec 20, 2018

According to the specific arrangements of the state regarding the holiday time, the company's notice of the New Year's holiday and notices are as follows:

1, 2019 New Year's Day holiday time: December 31,2018, to 1st January 2019, a total of two days off. Among them, January 1 is a statutory holiday. Going to work on 2nd, 2019 (Wednesday).

2. During the holiday of New Year's Day, if the department needs to go to work normally, please ask the person in charge of the department to report the duty form to the office for record before December 30.

3. During the New Year's Day holiday, all employees and leaders must ensure that the mobile phone is turned on 24 hours to ensure smooth communication;

4. During the holiday of New Year's Day, non-on-duty personnel (except the person in charge of the department) shall not enter the company without approval. If there are special circumstances, the person in charge of the department shall be requested to approve, and the company may enter the company upon approval;

5. Employees who return home during the holiday on New Year's Day or travel abroad should inform the person in charge of the department in advance and coordinate the handling of their duties during the holiday period;

6. During the holiday of New Year's Day, the monitoring center is fully responsible for the safety of the company's property. Please do a good job in fire prevention and theft prevention. Monitor the center shift supervisor and be responsible for closing the doors and windows of the office area;

7. All electrical and office equipment other than computers will be banned during the New Year's Day holiday.

8. Employees who go home or travel should pay attention to safety.

I wish all staff:

Happy holidays and good health!