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Desktop Ultrasonic Cleaner

Compared to other cleaning machine, Desktop Ultrasonic Cleaner has shown great advantages, especially in specialized, group-owned manufacturing companies, which have gradually replaced traditional dipping, washing and pressure washing with ultrasonic cleaning, vibration cleaning and steam cleaning and other processes.
The high efficiency and cleanliness of the Desktop Ultrasonic Cleaner is facilitated by the penetration and cavitation impact of the ultrasonic waves propagating in the medium, making it easy to clean parts with complex shapes, lumens and fine spaces. For general degreasing, anti-rust, phosphating and other processes, it takes only two or three minutes to complete under ultrasonic action, and its speed can be several times or even several times higher than the traditional cleaning method, and the cleanliness can also be high standard. This highlights the results of other treatments that are either achieved or irreplaceable in many applications where the surface quality and productivity of the product are high.
The advantages of Desktop Ultrasonic Cleaner are as follows:
1.The cleaning effect is good, the cleanliness is high and the cleanliness of all the workpieces is consistent;
2. fast cleaning speed and improve production efficiency;
3. No need to touch the cleaning solution by hand, safe and reliable;
4. pairs of deep holes, slits and concealed areas can also be cleaned;
5. Save solvent, heat, work space and labor.
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