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Ultrasonic Food Cutter

Ultrasonic food cutters are a type of equipment that uses ultrasonic energy for cutting. It is characterized by cutting without the cutting edge in the traditional sense.
We offer complete professional equipment and components for ultrasonic food cutting. Compared with traditional cutting machines, ultrasonic food cutters have more sanitary cutting, shorter downtime, better cost-effectiveness, higher consistency of cutting surfaces and longer blade life.
Ultrasonic cutting also has a great advantage in that it has a fusion at the cutting point while cutting. The cutting site is perfectly sealed to prevent loosening of the material being cut.
Ultrasonic food cutter features:
1. High cutting precision and constant material shape.
2. easy to apply to automated production.
3. the cutting surface has good finish and good bonding performance.
4. fast, high efficiency, no pollution.
We have hand-held cutters and fully automatic cutters. The hand-held cutter is small, beautiful in appearance and easy to operate. It can be replaced with different specifications and different material cutting knives to achieve the ideal cutting equipment. The fully automatic cutting equipment is equipped with a computer-controlled cutting head for the cutting of batches of material.
This ultrasonic food cutter uses ultrasonic vibration to reduce the frictional resistance between the blade and the food. It cuts the blade smoothly, reduces food debris during the cutting process, and increases productivity. It uses a vibrating handle that is simple to operate and quiet and silent when cutting, without vibration. This device vibrates at a high frequency of 40KHZ or 20KHZ. This low friction allows the cutting blade to cut food smoothly, making the cut surface of the food clean, beautiful and non-deformable.
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