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Ultrasonic Spot Welding GeneratorJYD-2500H includes high-frequency circuit design, automatic frequency chasing design, efficient conversion efficiency, stable amplitude output, guarantee welding, cutting quality and low fault characteristics. Features: Fast - each welding time is 0.1-3 seconds. Strength - can withstand high...

JYD-2500H includes high-frequency circuit design, automatic frequency chasing design, efficient conversion efficiency, stable amplitude output, guarantee welding, cutting quality and low fault characteristics.



Fast - each welding time is 0.1-3 seconds.

Strength - can withstand high tension and high pressure.

Quality - durable and high working efficiency.

Economy - no screws, no glue.Reduce labor and low cost.



Model No




Ultrasonic Power


MAX200 W

MAX200 W





Power adjust

Three grades

Three grades

Three grades


220V/110V±10% 50Hz/60Hz

220V/110V±10% 50Hz/60Hz

220V/110V±10% 50Hz/60Hz

Max current












Please note: 

This machine is normally used to weld two layer together when you confirm the order, please kindly inform us what kind of material you want to weld? What’s the thickness of it? That would be better if you can give us a photo of the material you weld. Besides,The welding horn is customized, please tell us what kind of welding horn you need and the exact size.

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Q:What material can this machine weld?

A:It could weld thermoplastic plastics( which will melt with fire ), nonwoven fabric, nylon, PVC,TPU etc.

Q:What’s the material of the welding horn?

A:Titanium alloy.

Q:How could I know what kind of welding horn I need?

A:You can show us the picture of the item you want to weld or give us the welding horn pattern that you need and specific size, if you are note sure, please tell us your expected effect so that we could give you some advice.

Q: What’s the principle of the ultrasonic plastic welding?

A: When ultrasonic waves act on the thermoplastic plastic contact surface, high-frequency vibrations of tens of thousands of times per second are generated. This high-frequency vibration of a certain amplitude transmits ultrasonic energy to the weld zone through the upper weldment, because the weld zone is two At the interface of the weld, the acoustic resistance is large, so local high temperatures are generated. Moreover, due to the poor thermal conductivity of the plastic, it can not be dissipated in time and gather in the weld zone, so that the contact faces of the two plastics melt rapidly, and after a certain pressure, they are integrated into one. When the ultrasonic wave stops, let the pressure last for a few seconds to solidify it, thus forming a strong molecular chain for welding purposes, the welding strength can be close to the strength of the raw material. The quality of ultrasonic plastic welding depends on the amplitude of the transducer welding head, the applied pressure and the welding time. The welding time and the welding head pressure can be adjusted. The amplitude is changed by the transducer and the amplitude.


Principle of Hand-held Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine:

Ultrasound plastic welding machine converts 50/60 Hertz current into 15KHZ, 20KHZ, 35KHZ high frequency signal by ultrasonic generator, and converts the signal into vibration of high frequency machine through loop energy system. The vibration of high frequency machine is added to the plastic product workpiece at the same time with air pressure, which is transmitted to the interface through friction between the workpiece surface and internal molecules. When the temperature reaches the melting point of the workpiece itself, the workpiece interface melts rapidly and then fills in the interface.

When the vibration stops and the workpiece is cooled and finalized under certain pressure, the perfect welding can be achieved. Such mechanical vibration is transmitted to the workpiece through the transmission and the welding head. The molecular structure of the workpiece is broken by the heat energy generated, and the workpiece surface is melted and bonded. Its firm strength is comparable to that of the bulk plastics. Fourth, the characteristics of the hand-held ultrasonic spot welding machine are as follows:

In addition to the basic welding characteristics of the ultrasonic plastic welding machine, it also has small volume, light weight, convenient operation; low power, welding more small demand precision products, good welding effect! Novel portable structure design, fast and convenient operation! Hand/foot/automatic pipeline multi-mode operation, flexible and practical; Patented automatic tracking system, without manual tuning frequency.  Handheld spot welding machine application industry:

Clothing industry, trademark industry, automobile industry, plastic electronics, household goods industry, etc.  

Clothing industry: underwear needle lathe front process, ribbon welding, etc. can be used for spot drilling.  

Trademark industry: weaving Mark belt, printing mark belt, etc.  

Automobile industry: door sound insulation cotton, wiper seat, engine cover, water tank cover, etc.  

Plastic electronics: riveting and welding of small plastic parts, etc.  

Household products industry: fiber cotton spot welding and so on.  

It is also widely used in decoration, ribbon spot welding, riveting welding, etc. It is mainly used in textile, clothing, electronics, toys and other industries, with the advantages of compact and flexible, easy operation, low price and practical.

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