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Ultrasonic Horn

The ultrasonic horn is an important component of the ultrasonic vibration system. The main function is to amplify the mass displacement or velocity of the mechanical vibration and concentrate the ultrasonic energy on a small area.
The main function of the ultrasonic horn is to change the amplitude of the transducer (generally increase), increase the vibration ratio, improve the efficiency, improve the mechanical quality factor, enhance the heat resistance, expand the temperature range, and extend the use of the transducer life. The ultrasonic transducer adjusts the load matching between the transducer and the ultrasonic tool head by installing an ultrasonic horn, which reduces the resonance impedance and makes it work at the resonance frequency to improve the electro-acoustic conversion efficiency, thereby effectively reducing the ultrasonic wave exchange, and increasing the service life.
The design shape of the ultrasonic horn (ultrasonic horn) differs depending on the application of the ultrasonic wave. Generally, the horn are divided into a rod shape, a step shape, a truncated cone shape, an exponential shape, a catenary shape, a Gauss shape, a composite shape and the like.
Scope of application
Ultrasonic horns are widely used in chemical, petroleum, plastic welding, metal welding, drilling, turning, cleaning, machining and many other fields.
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