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Ultrasonic Non-woven Fabric Welding

The basic configuration of ultrasonic non-woven welding machine includes new intelligent ultrasonic generator, bottom mold with synchronous rotation function, two-way motor speed control system, manual (or optional pneumatic) pattern lifting system, multi-functional pattern bracket and level Fine-tuning mechanism and double-tube rack heavy platen.
Ultrasonic non-woven fabric welding machine features:
1. Ultrasonic power is up to 2500W, and it has large, medium and small power adjustment functions to meet the welding and cutting requirements of different materials and thicknesses;
2. Built-in computer chip, multi-channel ultrasonic protection system to ensure safe and stable operation of the host;
3. The bottom mold rotation function makes the chassis wear evenly, prolong the service life and improve the processing quality;
4. The frequency automatic tracking system and the application of ultrasonic soft start technology, so that the performance of this machine reaches the international level.
Advantages and applications of ultrasonic non-woven fabric welding machine:
This product is suitable for knitting products, bed covers, Christmas ornaments, ribbons, ready-to-wear, lace, masks and other products. It is ergonomically designed, comfortable to operate, and can be used for curves, straight-line melting and other functions, eliminating the trouble of assembling needles, wires and spools of traditional sewing machines. The equipment can operate continuously at high speed, with high production efficiency, which can improve quality and create profits.
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